WeWork founder Adam Neumann won't be CEO anymore

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It is SUCH a shame that his first name is not Alfred… I will read it that way every time anyhow.

That should free up some time for him to work on his “President of the World” campaign. He may want to stop putting it off, just in case he doesn’t live forever.

What about his sister? Is she still there?

It’s interesting that a corporation would get rid of someone that makes them look foolish and horrible, and a country instead elects that type of person.

“Mr. Neumann and his advisers have agreed that the best path forward is…”



Like Kalanick at Uber, I suspect this is mostly a cosmetic reshuffling that will have little impact on the underlying issues with the company. Ousting the dubious leader is a way for the board to portray any problems with the company as result of that nutty CEO… “See, it’s fine now - we got rid of the weirdo!” It’s all about making that IPO as big as possible so the real players can cash out (and that includes the ousted CEO!).


It’s a measure of how full of himself Neumann was as an executive that when he was being told “thou shalt not mess with the shareholders’ payday” it took him months to realise that he was one of those shareholders, too.

In fact he’ll do better than the others, what with most of that IPO cash going toward the self-dealing structure they’ve set up for leasing properties.


Hey now, don’t be slamming on Alfred E. Neuman. He had the best. Slogan. EVAR.

“What me worry?”

Sole member of the four commas club.

Let the turnover continue…(the section “CEO Turnover in 2018” in the article below was interesting)


WeWork? yes

HeWork? um, no not no more.


He took his bum off the target, but probably still has a real estate pipeline to drain cash.

Nailed it.

See? The weed wrangler weirdo is toast. No more butt hurt, Mr. Wall Street Banker.

The announcer was rather annoying, but that girl had so much fun.

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Also… anyone who succeeds in becoming world president might later succeed in becoming Israeli prime minister. I doubt anyone could do it the other way around. Thankfully, with this guy I’m not worried about either.

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The market: “Wait, how is this unprofitable scam going to make us rich?”

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