What are 'Safe Spaces'?

I ask because I’ve sorta seen loudmouthed people go on about it on both sides of the issue. However most of what I’ve heard are people going ‘what soft hearted thin skinned numbskulls are inheriting !y country’ and then people very obviously hiding behind a thing while taking potshots at other people.

For the record it is my current understanding that Safe Spaces (note the capital letters) are supposed to be specific spots people who suffer from extreme stress/panic attacks, and other issues that leave them with intense bouts of normal day today doings being over stimulating and needing a secure quiet spot for a few minutes or so to rebalance.

I am fine if this is what they are needed for, spots for high anxiety people that need a minute.

What I HEAR constantly bleated about is ‘ah need man safe space now give me mah tendies. Nobody touch my fedora.’

Could someone educate me on the matter?

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As far as I understand the term originated to mean that a specific place (such as an LGBT-friendly organization on a college campus) expected all visitors to maintain basic standards regarding certain kinds of behavior or language (no slut-shaming, racist epithets, belittling of people who opened up about personal trauma, etc.)


See that I can get behind. Not this meme of ‘you must cater to my whims. Obey me or be labeled as a bigot.’

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I’m a white guy. When I go out in public, I am in a safe space.

Your privilege may vary.


Thank you.


That’s mostly a right-wing portrayal of Safe Spaces that has very little to do with the real thing.


So the people literally screaming shrilly in a crowd? The one asshat in the crowd dead set on ruining it for everyone?

Sadly every group has dipshits. The trick is not being defined by them. I wish I knew that trick.


Or this dipshit who thinks “safe spaces” mean the Vice-President-elect should be immune from public criticism:


There are plenty of people out there who, if told that “The night is dark and full of terrors” would make sure that the daylight is also full of terrors too, because that balances things.

Safe Spaces seem to attract hate because compassion is something that’s unpopular in some circles and wanting to have an area that’s free of the usual hate and pressures is seen as a moral weakness.


But I have a first amendment right to be an arsehole!


Safe spaces are for anyone, right, so I’m allowed in here and I’m allowed to be as much of an arsehole as I want. Otherwise hypocrites and frozen peaches.


It’s more like being courteous of other people is seen as an inconvenience.


My mileage varies. As long as I’m white and male, I’m safe, but there’s so much I have to hide in order to pass for normal first. Then and only then do I get to be white and male.


Agree with the question, but posing It a slightly different way: How did we get from a place that was supposed to be about physical safety to the complaint about “intellectual safe spaces”?

(Afaik, those are not a real thing)


Or as my parents are want to do ‘grow the fuck up you coward.’

Get enough second hand Facebook off them and I kinda want to know what it’s actually like out there.


It was never JUST about physical safety. It was also about, for example, an LGBT kid being able to go to school without being called a “f****t” by their peers (or teachers).

So yes, they could be seen as a restriction on free speech, if you’re the kind of person who values offensive speech.


OT, but I do love the idea that “The Theater” must always be a safe place. Someone really doesn’t have a clue about the arts. (I know, I know, add it to the list…)


Ah. Yes. I had some of them too.

Worst person to ask. :blush: I’m not too good at the outside world but I’m trying to convince myself it’s less scary than I think.


The theater certainly hasn’t always been a “safe space” for members of the Executive branch.

Also, who would have thought that Pence would manage to be the least popular Vice President at a musical where the title character gets shot by Aaron Burr?


If you identify as male but don’t have any hang-ups about indulging in things associated with femininity (like, say, bright pink) you will very quickly find out, should you actually indulge your fuck-do-I-care whims, that male status does not include the privilege of society not questioning your gender and/or sexual orientation just because you like [superficial expression/consumption pattern atypical of your gender stereotype].