What can you cut with paper?


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Cool to see this with paper, but I think the real moral of the story here is that you can cut anything with an angle grinder.


No guard? That looks like it could give him the mother of all paper cuts.


Still scanning the videos for rocks and scissors.


So, perusing “Mr. Hacker” channel, I gather that Mr. Hacker is what they would’ve called Mr. Wizard had he appeared i the Age of Youtube.


Yeah! When he first turned it on I went totally ‘shit that was too close’!


What can you cut with paper?

I cut my thumb with an apple once.

The knife just went right through both of them.


Paper cuts are the worst.


Will it cut through meat and bone though? The videos don’t answer this.

Surely a lamb shank could have been used as a test?


I have a nice half inch cut in my thumb from earlier today to back up that statement.


In Soviet Russia paper cuts you?


#What can you cut with paper?


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