What caused Quibi to die?

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Paid short form programing competing against free and much more accessible short form content all while when commuting fell off a cliff because of the pandemic.


You have to subscribe to at least five streaming services if you want to keep up with contemporary discourse,

No. No, you don’t.


Read loads of articles about quibi’s creation and downfall, but it’s nice to finally know how to pronounce it. Someone told me it was short for ‘Quick Bites’ so I assumed it was ‘Kwib Bye’ (to rhyme with ‘Rib-eye’). But ‘Kwibby’ works, I guess (or rather, it didn’t).

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I’m surprised that the video’s author tried to spin Meg Whitman’s involvement as a positive.


I don’t care enough to watch the video, but isn’t the answer as simple as - they had no content? Didn’t they have like, Reno 911 and nothing else?

Quibli was designed to fail right from the beginning by people who wanted to discredit streaming services - since they didn’t have an example pre-existing to point at as why everyone should be going back to the old format of cable TV, so they made one, tanked it on purpose, and can now point at it while forcing show producers to stick to the old formats as why streaming is doomed and shouldn’t be used.
Edit: reference - We Have To Talk About Quibi - SOME MORE NEWS - YouTube

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Any chance LimeWire will come back from the dead?


Maybe the key question isn’t “what caused Quibi to die?” but rather “how was Quibi ever brought to life in the first place?”


I read Quibi as “Key-Bee”. As in quinoa or French for “who” but with a little internal rhyme. It would have made it if they pronounced it that way. :grinning:

My favorite streaming service is Usenet


Well, you do if “keeping up with contemporary discourse” means seeing and recognizing references to all the “hot” shows out there. Personally, I’m just fine that I don’t get Ted Lasso memes.


Why are vast corporate failures like this so



You have to subscribe to at least five streaming services if you want to keep up with contemporary discourse

Or you can reject that notion and enjoy what you can afford and not worry so much about what entertainment product your missing. Because there’s endless amounts of it available and who the hell cares about the discourse. There’s no more water cooler anyway thanks to the pandemic, just watch what you like. You’re not missing anything.


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This one shouldn’t be, it was an intentional investment by people who wanted it to do exactly what it did, as part of their corporate strategy. In the meantime, they bilked some gullible investors, and screwed over their temporary employees, all to establish a fake “that streaming fad is going out of vogue” message. Quibi was a corporate attack on Netflix and Disney and Amazon’s streaming services, not as a competitor, but as a discreditor. Even the Boingboing editor who posted this article fell for the trick, claiming we’re “knee-deep in a streaming service apocalypse” because of it.

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