Inconceivable!: Celebs made a 'Princess Bride' home movie from their backyards

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Quibi (two things: 1. that’s short for “quick bites” and 2. it isn’t doing well)

Huh, I didn’t realize that’s where the name came from (not that I’ve spent any time thinking about it). I maybe vaguely thought it was derived from something Chinese and just assumed it was pronounced cheebee or queebee for some reason, but I guess it should be quihbai, rhymes with “rib eye.” Although it sounds like it won’t be around long enough for me to have to think about it again.

I never understood it, assumed they had figured out there was a youth market, though it seemed like even if there was a market for it, there certainly wasn’t during a stay-at-home pandemic, so the timing was really bad. (But it’s beginning to look like maybe there really isn’t a market for it at the best of times.) Celebrities filming themselves doing movie bits in their backyards doesn’t seem like the kind of “must see” content that’s going to sell it, either…

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Some good actors, some not, almost universally acting poorly.

Patton Oswalt was the shining exception in this clip. That was perfect casting for a remake that shouldn’t exist.


The cartwheels during the sword fight had me ROFLing. It only got weirder (and more wonderful) from there.


And no one will ever see it.

If you can’t get people to pay for a streaming video service when they have little to do other than stay at home watching screens then I don’t think your streaming video service was destined for success under any circumstances.

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Well, it isn’t just a video service, but a short video service designed specifically for watching on the phone. I figured it was intended purely as an “on the move” kind of thing - the sort you’d only use while out and about, trying to kill a few minutes on your phone while waiting for something else to happen. If you’re stuck at home, you have other options and time for full-length videos and better video-watching devices than a phone.

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I dunno, Dave Bautista as Fezzik is a pretty damn good remake candidate in my opinion.


Seriously, stop vertical video syndrome. This looks terrible and completely unwatchable. Your phone rotates into the proper format that all other devices in the world and our eyes are built upon. Horizontal viewing.

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