What cities around the world would like like if they were "Tokyo-ized"


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They for got to add dozens of people into the pics.


What cities around the world would like like if they were “Tokyo-ized”

“like like”?


“What if other countries other than Japan had ADHD?”

And Godzilla.

It’s like when you like like someone but they only like like you.


I think it’s just the marketers in Japan. Anybody else there with ADHD would be curled up in the nearest corner rocking and sobbing.


I notice they didn’t bother with Las Vegas.


He should have done it the other way around by de-Tokyo-izing Tokyo. I might put a chink in the idea that the Japanese always design everything beautifully.


Japanese love to overpackage everything. A package of cookies will have every cookie individually wrapped and in a plastic holder which takes up 50% of its volume.


Looks like like like lite, right?!


But do you know how many times I opened up an individually wrapped cookie to find that it was broken? Not once in over three years.

And don’t forget conbini onigiri and maki with nori that is always crispy.


Think of the excess landfill waste those wrappers produce!

Plus my fat sausage fingers make unwrapping those things such a pain.


I wouldn’t want every city to be Tokyo-ized, but I love that Tokyo is the city that it is. It’s genuinely beautiful in a hyper-modern way, especially at night after the rain, and very clean and very safe.


The Tokyo-ized version of my city has superheroes in it!


…Which they then used to make artificial islands in Tokyo Bay!

When life gives you lemons, and all that.


Not that the Japanese are huge contributors to the planet’s pile of waste but…

Where I work, some small plastic parts (price $0.30 or so) are sold in individual tiny little bags. Each one is folded over and stapled. Order ten of 'em, you’ll get a bag with ten little bags inside, ten little staples…and more plastic waste than the parts themselves. Yeesh, they should be sold ten to a bag.


Do you know how many times I’ve bought individually-wrapped cookies? Like, probably never.

I tend to make them myself or buy them directly from the people who made them. And if they’re broken, I don’t really care, as long as they taste good.


I expect to see this boiled down to an algorithm and added to Instagram


Was just there for the first time. Yes, those images need a few hundred people in each to be realistic. And those bicycles aren’t locked to anything! It’s hard to imagine cities in other places being like Tokyo.


He already did that in a previous project, but it was mainly just making the signs blank, rather than removing them (though there were a few examples of that).

The Japanese are like anyone else in that they have plenty of good and bad examples of design. I will say that they are far more brave in their architecture than most countries. Well, far more than in the U.S., anyway. We’re pretty conservative here, for the most part. :frowning:


Now do Hong Kong!