What definitely not to name your seafood restaurant during a global pandemic

the best/worst one I’ve seen was called “Georges Greasy Spoon” in Berkeley CA on University ave in the '70s. it had Cherios mixed w/ thin orangish epoxy painted over the front. it only lasted about 2 weeks before it closed. never saw anyone inside.

That would explain why I had such a hard time looking it up :slight_smile:

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Well done Cambodia! Though I don’t think just because there’s pressure on China for mystery that they’re going to hold back on the Xi Jinpeng, perhaps we should wait for the truly bush bushmeat; say, a third kind of reliable Post, take that!

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Questionable enough not to post this, or to take it down now. I wouldn’t hold my breath tho.

I asked a while ago for another post that described Australia as a “horrifying natural death-trap” to be altered/taken down in the wake of fericious bushfires that killed many people and killed or displaced 3 billion animals, I was told it would be rectified… and nothing happened.

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