What do bats and skateboarders have in common?


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Also, they can hear high-frequency sounds that old people can’t.



What do bats and skateboarders have in common?"


I don’t get it, the video compares it to what an ice skater does, and somehow by the time it’s posted to boing boing it’s being compared to skateboarders?


Old people are afraid of them? They unfairly get a bad rap?


Q: What do bats and skateboards have in common?

A: They’re both made of wood.

Wait, skateboardERs? …never mind…


They both can be rabid?


“What do bats and skateboarders have in common?”

I got it!

They are both represented in the headline.

(Nothing gets past me, boy.)


Two kinds of mammal that are related to goths?


It’s funny when they fail and smack into things?


You missed the part about waterboarding.


If you swing a bat at a skateboarder, they both use momentum.



They both breathe oxygen?


Cute video! But I gotta say, these “one weird trick” or “one weird thing” headlines that have been sneaking into BoingBoing lately give me the creeps. It might be ironic, but it activates my spam/clickbaitsite mental filters hard. Can we please have less icky headlines? They’re not really that funny either, are they?


I’ve started to feel the same way. Between the clickbait (Or is this item clickbat?) headlines and obvious ads for stuff on an online store that shares their name with a South American river, I’m finding myself reading fewer posts on BB than I used to.

In this case, it is as if the video wasn’t even watched before posting it. The narration clearly mentions figure skaters and the vision shows a female ice skater. Why mention skateboarders in the title?


Ok, so now onto, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”


Because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat; and it is never put with the wrong end in front!

ht- Lewis Carroll


But ducks don’t carry rabies!