What do writers think of Ulysses moving to a subscription model?


I don’t use Ullysses myself (prefer Scrivener), but I saw that Ulysses is moving to a subscription model. Somehow I have my doubts as to how well this would work for writers who experience lean and fat periods, as well as episodes of writer’s block.


I know what you mean on fat and lean times. I do a lot of writing but most of my writing isn’t for novels. I don’t use Scrivener for anything shorter than a novella. $5/month would seem a little crappy eight months out of the year. $40/year isn’t bad, though. Especially if it includes both the desktop app and the iPad app. Depending on how frustrated I get with Scrivener between now and my next novel or novella, I might give Ulysses a shot.


My late father used to say you shouldn’t take any job that requires you to rent your tools. He might have been quoting Black Jack Kehoe, I’m not sure.

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