What does a Jedi use to open a PDF file?


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I’m Disappointed in Boing Boing!


No likes for you.


That one actually hurt.


Absolutely untrue. You can identify a Jedi by their lightsaber having a BlueBeam.


Probably an astromech droid, tbh.


Judging by this post from almost a year ago, probably some horribly kludged together monstrosity of adapter cables and legacy equipment.


Yes, but in a good way.


[cough cough]


Ha! I admit, I thought it was funny. Punny. Whatever.


That is the second funniest thing I’ve seen today. Strangely, the first involved a long dead serial killer, but hey, 2017.


Or Commander Foxit


I’m really adroid with you right now, Pesco.


A brute Force hack?
The dark byte?


I laughed at the imagined collective groan that rippled across the universe when this was posted. There is a disturbance in the force…


I have a rule…there is no joke so good as a bad pun.

And this was a bad pun. A really bad one.


Are we 5?

I want a refund for my clicks and time for that BS ‘joke’.

Honestly, try harder, be better.


These ah naht the woids yo’ah looking fo’ah


Those movies aren’t canon.