What happened at Attica

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The linked New York Times article, fifty years later, cannot bring itself to say who did the killing:

Spoiler: everyone killed in the retaking of Attica, including guards and hostages, were killed by the cops doing the retaking.


I wonder we’re they as terrible at the time (discounting the fog of war, but when the evidence came out) the way they were relatively accurate about Bloody Sunday 50 years ago but 50 years of the exonerative voice made them incapable of the truth now?

Also Archie Shepp: rage on, rage on.


I never really questioned what the Attica reference in the 3rd naked gun movie was, guess i know now

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They were bad in the immediate coverage, but that can be explained by them going on the lies they were told by Gov. Rockefeller and LEOs.

They were good in the aftermath, after it all came out. The NYT published long-form work that established beyond all doubt what happened. They adequately covered the lawsuit that led to the 2nd circuit having to put in black and white that prosecutors have discretion not to prosecute their cop pals, irrespective of how blatant and disgusting their crimes.

That the NYT now can’t bring itself to even say who killed who at Attica? Fill in whatever screaming, breathless blackpilled blank works for you.


I learnt about it from Dog day afternoon


Looking for something to watch recently, I ended up watching the HBO documentary “Betrayal at Attica.” It was brutal. It will stick with me for a long time.


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