What happened to Neopets?

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Cool story, bro, but some statistics would lend credibility. You say downfall, but the site appears to still exist. Did the fan base shrink? By how much? Was it permanent?


It sounds like the forum “collapsed”, but the game thing is still running. There’s no information at all about how profitable it has been or continues to be.

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Right. Like if Falcor didn’t have an accident we wouldn’t fill these forums with sex ads and dick jokes in a heartbeat. (Got my “Bee Movie” script all locked and loaded for the moment he goes down.)


That it was a full-fledged World Institute of Scientology Enterprises endeavor probably tanked the success in spite of itself.

Wait? Neopets was still up?

Dammit now my morning is ruined now that I realize my Kugra has been starving for 15 years.


I was reminded about Neopets a couple weeks ago and tried to login to feed my Nimmo. Unfortunately the password recovery process seems to be borked and to submit a support ticket for help you need to be logged into an account.


My problem is that I would have to buy a domain I gave up 10 years ago to recreate the email address I used in those days.

I think my Kugra will just have to run away to a better owner.

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I worked at Neopets before the sale to JumpStart but after the sale to Viacom. I definitely joined after the glory days but it was still a cool place to work. I worked with some really nice and talented folks. Quite a few people had been there since the beginning and seriously just into cute little animated things.

That being said it was also at the mercy of the parent company and always under pressure to perform revenue wise. Big changes were hard to make technology wise. It was a highly coupled / goofy codebase and I can only apologize for the bugs now with a shrug.

Yeah, it was far less altruistic than it had been, but it had great insurance. We also had free bagels on Thursdays.

The truest answer to “what happened to Neopets” being, of course, “all dead of neglect along with the tamagotchis and furbys you stopped caring about, you monster”.

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And Xenu.

Ha, not really. By the time I got there it was ‘cleared’ of all scientology references and the hardcore employees had long been gone. I asked once over lunch and I was told Viacom put the kibosh on that as soon as the sale happened.


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