Scientologists were all up in Neopet's business


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neolution? or neopets? What’s Ms. Maslany have to say about this?


"Can’t say the discussions we had to keep it that way were [sic] much fun though!”

Why did they [sic] that ? It’s a perfectly cromulent sentence, no?


game offers users the ability to create a virtual pet

That offends my Dog Person.


Perhaps the [sic] in that case is as in “sic 'em, Rover”? In which case, how well can a NeoPet fight?


A Scientologist used to own a company, and people are freaking out.

That same Scientologist currently owns ABC Mouse, a teaching site for children between the ages of two and six. :cricket:


Or they could have, I don’t know, asked someone like an ex-member, scholar or critic?

Org Board – Organizing Board or Organization Board. Every group, business or organization affiliated or run by Scientologists has an Org Board. It is a large chart that has every post or possible position listed with the person’s name right below it. This board shows the chain of command and who is responsible for what.

Marc Headley, Blown for Good

Scientologists have org boards for everything. Here’s one for their “Stress Test”:


Scientologists - gotta catch 'em all.


Eureka! That explains it! 45 is a Scientologist!


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