What happens to a victim's family after a police shooting


It’s easy to focus on the racism of the cop who finds it so easy to pull the trigger. What’s harder for me to wrap my mind around, is the institutionalized racism that finds suicidal bravado so easy to imagine. “Of course this black guy tried to take the cop’s weapon, pointed a gun at him, reached into his car window to attack him! It’s what black people do!”

When the ruling culture of a polity looks so different and holds itself as different from those being ruled, how can anything but tyranny result?


Our government has done an amazing job convincing most of us that the terrorists are foreigners, when in fact, the most systemic terror that exists in this country, that has always existed in this country, is our millions of police forces that act and get away with the same practices of the Ku Klux Klan. Effectively, these hate groups of our past are the ancestry of many current police forces in the United States. They terrorize, steal, incarcerate, beat up and murder black people all over our country at a rate that no one is comfortable with acknowledging, but need to and the time is now.


Brother Malcolm has you covered…


Same as the families of Black on Black murders do, they mourn, they grieve and hopefully carry on.

Drive by stray bullets or intended gang target.

Shoots fired at targets out of disrespect at a rap concert, hitting target or innocent bystanders, all of whom are black.

Why, lets focus on the police shootings though, not the on going street violence by black thugs. Cause you know, they all A students with possible scholarships. Focus on the police shooting not the daily murders blacks on blacks carry out. Drown out those incidents with the police shootings. Lets not address black on black kill more blacks than police in a given day, week, month year, decade.

Lets focus on police shootings.

Wait, let me get this straight.

You’re saying that black people kill each other all the time, so we should just not care about the fact that the cops kill black people all the time too?

There’s a difference between gang violence carried out in a relatively clandestine way, and how the police forces are essentially given carte blanche to go out and kill anyone they want minor or no consequences.

The first is a problem for police. The second is a problem with police. And quite frankly, the first can’t be solved until the second is taken care of. Unless what you want is more dead people.

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Of course we should focus on the police shootings.

Governments directly choose who to employ as police officers.
Governments directly choose what tactics the police may employ.
Governments directly choose how the police are employed against the rest of us.

But governments can only influence, indirectly how their citizens choose to obey the law. They may choose to raise the cost of unlawful actions–choosing to spend on prisons instead of schools, for instance… But they cannot choose whether someone will decide to pay that cost. Governments can’t choose how the average citizen behaves.

But they can and should choose how their employees act in an official capacity. They can and should choose who is trustworthy enough to act as an agent of Gewaltmonopol.

And since the government’s legitimacy is based on the consent of the governed, the average citizen should be focusing on whether the police department serves his or her interests. Police shootings do not serve my interests, and my power to change that is more concrete than my power to change whether some private citizen chooses to commit a homicide.


What happened was not only worst but a criminal offense also. How can a police man act like a “reckless stupid”? For the sake of controversy if I put aside the word “racism" then undoubtedly few questions will automatically pop up that, is it really quite easy to take life, if the Government will not take responsibility then who will be the savior, how the country men will expect the “impartial judgment”.

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