What happens when a neural network proposes legislation?


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/19/what-happens-when-a-neural-net.html


I imagine it depends entirely on whether the neural network has contributed to political campaigns


With this example, more than usual, I get a mental picture of the neural network as small dog trying to please its master. “An Act Relative To Mitted Honing In A Certain Park Land In The Commonwealth – did I do good??”


I saw William H. Drug Overdose Doowingal open for Captain Beefheart in 1972.


A friend did that to hilarious effect with AD&D spell lists. Things like “Tensor’s floating pig”.


An Act To Reduce Transparency In The Status Of The Board Of Selectmen In The City Of Boston

This one sounds like the kind of law one of our current "slow AIs" would actually push.



Neural Network 2020!

Finally, someone (or something) willing to stand up to Big Dog Trassifer!


Mad Libs to Mad Laws.


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