What happens when Louis Armstrong's batteries are low




Thanks for the nightmares.


Man, I’m starting a cult and worshiping this thing right now. Who out there is with me? MIGHTY LOUIS DEMANDS A BLOOD SACRIFICE.


Scary with the eyes staring intensely when the doll glitches

It reminds me of this stroke of genious :slight_smile:


I think the creepiest thing is for a doll like that to exist.


LMFAO. Well done.


Definitely would play a credited role in David Lynch’s version of The Shining.




There’s only one place this could have possibly come from:


I have not tried to stifle laughter that hard in a long time.

I mean NOTHING REMOTELY FUNNY ABOUT THIS. <stern look of disapproval>


Now imagine if the doll was hooked up to a number station feed.


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