Your favorite horror icons as evil vinyl figures


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I question whether these are actually real - they look like cgi to me. Cool designs though.

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They are CGI, but they are looking into Kickstarters for some of them.

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Want the Walken.



FYI, follow them of FB or Twitter so they can track interest for a possible Kickstarter.

That makes sense, though I’m far less impressed with renders than actual products, and frankly I gag every time I hear about yet another kickstarter. For gods’ sake, can’t somebody start a business the old fashioned way without all this “we need your support” crap?

Not since the banks stole all the money. No.


As I understand it, rendering stuff is what Evilcorp do, and they created some concept vinyl figures for fun. Then everyone went “I want one!” which persuaded them to think about putting them into production. I hope they do; particularly the ones telecinese posted a link to.

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Wallace and Gromet will never be the same after this.

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True. Actually I really like kickstarter…as a concept. And I appreciate the way in which they help get businesses off the ground - banks certainly don’t do that anymore. I’m just sick of 2/3rds of all gadget news being about stuff that doesn’t actually exist.

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Looks like Aardman Studios wading into the dark side

And I didn’t even know that the Shining twins had been on the Simpsons.

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