What's inside a "Hello Barbie" surveillance toy?


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Count to ten thousand!

This is a pedophile’s wet dream, and very fucking disturbing.


I’m looking at the teardown and wondering where is the charging port?..


Time to introduce “Hello Barbie” to the wild world of adult entertainment videos?



Annoying noise-making electronic toys used to get “Accidentally” dropped in the tub when my kids were very little, Seems this doll could use the same…

However, here is a good case of “Just don’t hook it up to your WiFi” security.



Looking at the back section you can see the 5v charging port.
(Just below the made in china )


I have no doubt breaking down your “Hello Barbie” in this way voids the warranty.

And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.




Nonsense, we wouldn’t… I mean they wouldn’t find it very interesting at all.


Also: her legs don’t even bend? How’s she gonna sit in the Corvette?


Kind of a disturbing image. Reminds me of


Yeah. These toys have a warranty?

So familiar, but I cannot place it. What is it from?


Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman. I don’t recall if they were related to the Bigfoot who turned out to be a robot from outer space.

Just looked it up on bionic.wikia.com, which is a thing that exists, and nope. I also have learned that alien robot Bigfoot was initially played by André the Giant!

It may also be reminding you of Westworld:


Fembots – I think from 6 million $ man (other movies as well).
Could also be West World – I think they had similar demasked faces.


I think the word you’re looking for is EULA.


“HELLO, HELLO, HELLO. Is there anybody in there?”

So, I wonder what -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- will end up being involved with? Authentication of the ‘toytalk’ server?


The Stepford Wives, the 1975 version.


Well, something has to tell the Boogie Nights Elmo dolls where to drive the golf cart.


Er. How do you figure? There’s no camera.


I find the blowback in this toy really interesting. I’m not clear…and nobody has explained, clearly in a well defined argument, why this toy is ‘danger to children’. Maybe my years fo reading scifi books (I’m looking at you ‘Diamond Age’ by Stevenson) seems to have dulled out the Future Shock and hyperbole that some people about a frickin talking Barbie. I’m more conserned with this being an easy entry way to hack into my network (Mattle’s not a computer company after all) then it corrupting my daughter with, my god, the evils of marketing. Which they have flat out said they wouldnt be doing
Shrug. If Mattle pulls this off and people buy and like it. Expect you toaster to be talking back to within a year…and telling you to buy Wonderbread. Which by the way doesn’t mean you have to just cuz it said so