"What Happens When We Die?" is an extremely creepy childrens' audiobook from 1964

Originally published at: "What Happens When We Die?" is an extremely creepy childrens' audiobook from 1964 | Boing Boing

Still not the most disturbing Christian Kids LP.

Definitely sailing the Straight Road to Valinor.


skip the book just ask Keanu


(trigger warning: death, obs.)

I… watched my uncle die. Literally. He was in hospice, the family was on death watch, and both my mother and I were keeping an eye on him and sitting with him. I saw the light in his eyes fade and dull, and his skin turn grey as the blood stopped flowing. The ‘ship fading off into the distance’ is sort of accurate, as far as metaphors go.

I’m pretty sure that when my uncle passed from this world to whatever follows, it was not a solemn occasion with harps, but rather a riotous and rowdy “Welcome to the party! We were waiting for you to arrive!” type of affair. (He lived live to the fullest, and raised more than a little hell when he was alive.)


Well, yes. As an immortal, he should know. :smiley:


Disturbing as all fuck.

Did Texas base their abortion laws on this song?


“When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep - not screaming, like the passengers in his car.” - Abraham Lincoln


I’m waiting for the Governor to send me my copy of this here in Houston, TX.

Just perfect for these covid times!

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I’m all for creepy and eerie stuff, even for kids, but not creepy religous indoctrination.

“after they live here for a time and love their children and raise their familes, they die”

…or sometimes, they die as children because some anti-vaxxer wacko happens to be their parent.


Evangelical Christians gonna Evangelical Christian.

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If they did this recording in a voice from the south side of Chicago, would it have the same effect?

This could also apply to kids that get put in prison at age 18 or 19 or 20, with a 25-to-life sentence. They are effectively, if not literally, killed too. What would they have become if they were allowed to finish developing? Like Lil’ Markie says, I guess we’ll never know.

If He Dies Ivan Drago GIF

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