What happens when wells run dry in California's drought?


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I don’t suppose CA has enough underlying limestone to make this an option

Edit: I forgot that it is happening – however it is like the proverbial frog in a pot…
California is sinking, and it’s getting worse | Reveal

The sinkhole is so vast that it is essentially impossible for residents to see that they are standing in one.


I’ve heard conservatives say that what California really needs is more reservoirs, so perhaps they could also save these farms by simply drilling more wells.


I’m assumiing they’ll build them with those magic earthquake immune dams we can make now…


Prudent of them to sink the pole so deep back in the 20s.


what happens when the wells run dry?

Hopefully, we reform out water laws.

California allocates as much water to hay and alfalfa as it doe its cities. All of its cities.

Likewise, high-value orchard crops that require years to bring into production should be able to transfer water (at a cost) from annual commodities like cotton, corn, and rice that can be readily grown elsewhere.

We already have all the engineering in place to to do this – but our water laws are still locked into the 19th century “use it or lose it” paradigm.

It hurts to say, but what California needs is more (water) lawyers.


oh dear.

California does need more water storage. But not more reservoirs. Rather, we need better ground water management. In wet years, put water in the ground, in dry years, take it back out.

Here in Orange county we already do that: 25% of the water used gets recycled back to drinking water standards and put in our aquifer. Statewide, the number is only 4%. That needs to change.


Ol’ Wiggy will be blaming the Mexicans for this next.


It is quite the Palin philosophy that no problem can’t be solved by more drilling.


Maybe she should’ve been a dentist.

…or, better not…



Surely we have enough brain power in this state to figure out whose water we can steal next.


JPL is on it…

Closing in on Pluto


Oregon better start building a wall because the Colorado is purty much sucked dry.Anyway Las Vegas really needs that water.


Ever since I was a kid, there was always talk of a pipeline from Lake Superior to the West…
Water is the new oil: Piping Lake Superior water West? | Updraft | Minnesota Public Radio News
(Although, I think that even Lake Superior levels have been dropping over the last decade)


Usually followed by a “Like hell you will!” from everyone in the great lakes region.


FFS just start dragging icebergs down from the pole and be done with it.


Now that’s the kind of thinkin’ we need.


I say go to Saturn, grab a chunk of the rings and tow it back.


Need smaller, non-corporate farms operated generally to meet local food needs absent compelling, democratically vetted reasons. And repeal Citizens United.