What happens when you shine world's strongest flashlight at world's brightest paint? Watch


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Forget the paint, I want the flashlight!


32,000 lumens? Ye gods. I thought my 600 lumen bike headlight was bright.


Roger that.


i wan the flashlight, but just checked - it is $379 on amazon. :frowning: I’ll save my money.
also, this “experiment” wasn’t very scientific… I’m sure there is an upper limit of how much light the paint can absorb, and it is probably way less than what the 32,000 lumen flashlight was giving it…


I don’t believe that is a Galvanick Lucifer, so reevaluate the assertion of “world’s strongest flashlight.”


I very much approve of your taste in books. :slight_smile:

(And I love that entire scene to bits. I think I lost it at hand-whittled carbon electrodes, personally.)


I put a laptop backlight in a large microwave once.

It made one of those batman-summoning searchlight beams. You know, the kind of hard-edged column of light you can use to light up clouds.

A 12" florescent tube did pretty much the same, but the arcing between the electrodes burned holes in the microwave chassis.


The heat reminds me of how the VFX supervisor on Predator used to describe how he had to hold up shooting and annoy everyone by running into the shot to blowtorch the Predator blood.


Don’t these contain Mercury? What the hell were you trying to do, anyway? O_o


Summon Batman.


I had a large microwave oven to dispose of, so I set it up on the back porch and organized an “unwise microwave experiments” party. It was mostly a success and very interesting. We learned that making a stable ball of plasma is tricky, and CDs emit cyanide when nuked.


I want to see what happens when it’s pointed at the world’s blackest paint.


“and then he got cancer” (seems a plausible statement)





See, I’m the opposite.


“I put instant coffee in the microwave and I almost went back in time” — Steven Wright (circa 1988).


Okay, the invitation still stands, but I won’t let you near my microwave now.


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