What horrible things did we learn about Hacking Team today?


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Why Facebook changed its friends icon

I cannot read the text in the top image.


My local journos took a whiff of it and are poking into the matter. Local politicos are querying the police for details now.

My bet is that it will fizzle out like most things of such nature but miracles happen. Even if infrequently (but then they wouldn’t be miracles).


Why are people wasting time in this thread when they could be helping the world in another thread?[1]


Perhaps because understanding spy programs, and even awareness of their existence, has fairly higher return on investment than quarreling over symbolisms.

Edit: A different shape of some stupid icon won’t do anything to improve the lot of activists for whoever’s rights. Better knowledge of surveillance systems used by the authorities to suppress them will be way way helpful. Don’t try to calculate how many times higher the return on investment is here, you’d end up dividing by zero.


Even belief in “authorities” is symbolic. As are the logics of those gates you play with.


It is. Their jackboots and their weapons are however annoyingly real. And they kind of dislike when you attempt to act upon a different set of beliefs than the set sanctioned by them. And manifest that dislike in physical ways that are significantly difficult to ignore away.

That’s also quite physical in nature. Forget about this, and you’re in a world of pain when something inevitably craps out and one of those far-from-ideal certainly-not-just-symbolic effects rears its ugly head. (Hi, crosstalks. Hi, EMI. Hi, aging shifts of parameters.) Worse, forget about this in the design phase, and failure is not just an option anymore.



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