What if all pop stars used avatars?


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I’m at work and so haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I think this movie suggestion would be on topic. Check out the movie The Congress staring Robin Wright and Harvey Keitel.

In it we see the entertainment industry go through several re-inventions (much like silent to talkies and bnw to color). And the distinction of online/offline blurs. Identity becomes something to sculpt and change. A central question is around the artist and how their creations are used and remixed without them.

When watching, don’t get hung up on the how. I take the technology breakthroughs in the movie as place holders for whatever is next that we can’t imagine yet. Enjoy the ride and if you have some edibles take them right as the movie starts as things get delightfully trippy about 45 minutes in.


I’m pretty sure John Zorn uses clones.


I listened to this because I smelled Miku.


Do not, however, watch the 2009 movie Surrogates. Because it was stupid.


I got the impression it was so bad that I should watch it if the opportunity every presented itself but I am sure not going out of my way to see it.


I dunno, I personally didn’t find it “so bad it’s good” so much as “depressingly unimaginative given its premise.”

The film presents a world where most people live their lives via remote-controlled robotic avatars—but aside from “most people choose slightly more attractive bodies than their real-life bodies” hardly anything has changed. For example, people still commute to work every day via avatar even if they have desk jobs, because apparently “leaving a robot body at the office” hasn’t occurred to anyone.

And then there’s the dumb plot twists in the third act, but they somehow manage to be simultaneously nonsensical and predictable enough to see coming from a mile away.


where all pop stars use avatars, clones, robots or cartoons instead of their real bodies and faces.

This idea works for me.


Don’t forget the Archies!




Yeah, I’d say it’s solidly in the “bad movie” category. I streamed it on Netflix (I think? Maybe not there anymore) and I felt ripped off, but not traumatized. Could have been worse, I suppose.


Well in that case I am glad I never happened across it.


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