"What if you could grow a building from a seed?" Watch this animation about X, the moonshot factory

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First: figure out how to turn an old building into mulch.

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I find that referring to Google X as just X seems pretentious but also confusing. If someone had no idea what X was and an article never once mentions Google they might wonder if X is being used as a generic term of anonymity or if a given company’s name has been censored, etc. Also imagine if someone made a company and named it Y. So you have X talking to Y and you get Z and… etc :neutral_face:


Like a tree house?


I think this is how we get House Telvanni.


Most of the factions in the Elder Scrolls games are arseholes, but the Telvannis take it to the next level.


they will also have trouble claiming it as a trademark

Reminds me of Kryptonian technology.

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neal stephenson, in the diamond age talk about seeds like this

How to think in questions, not answers

What a great way to get nothing done. :roll_eyes:

Ideas are easy. Implementations are hard. The biggest problems facing us today mostly have well known solutions. The problem is execution. For example, we know how to fix climate change. We have the technology and the means to switch to carbon neutral energy. The problem is the corruption, ignorance, misinformation, and selfish billionaires keeping us from doing that.

Tell me to how to fix those by “planting a seed” or whatever, and I’ll start listening, Google. :roll_eyes:

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As an exercise, please read all of these questions to yourself in the voice of Matt Berry.

Policeman: Yes, we in Special Crime Squad have been using wands for almost a year now. You find it’s easy to make yourself invisible. You can defy time and space, and you can turn violent criminals into frogs. Something which you could never do with the old truncheons.


Well its possible to build a house from seeds :stuck_out_tongue: no one tell Google


About 20 years ago, a dude I knew in college shared with me a book of conceptual art that included houses that grew from seeds—wish I could remember the name of the artist/futurist.

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