What is marriage, anyway? Sesame Street's Grover and a cute child explain


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i love how that kid smiles and nods aggressively, and then i realized that he’s just doing what the muppets do, which made it even CUTER.


Uploaded in 2009.

Grover and his friend were ahead of most of the United States.


Reminds me of this.


I don’t agree that it necessarily needs to be exactly two people. But it’s a great start.


Clearly that child was sent to destroy America. He is probably from Kenya, like his Commander-in-Chief.


Percent of women who have experienced domestic violence 25%
Estimated number of domestic violence incidents per year 960,000


Wow, that’s a pretty dark direction to take a cute little Sesame Street clip.


Please tell me where can I get that kid’s shirt (in my size).


“What’s the frequency, Kenya?”


Marriage is a transfer of ownership.Plain and simple.
Cute has very little to do with it after the cake has been cut.


Single Parent Families
Black or African American Number 6,427,000


With all due respect and in full acknowledgement of how the role of marriage has evolved through different cultures and time periods:

Marriage is what we make of it.

If you don't want in, that's fine too. But don't piss in somebody else's wedding punch.



Also to me, marriage is a couple of people (maybe more) saying, I’m not blood related to this person, but I want to be a family with them.


Can we say it has to be an integer number of people? Or is it possible to have 3.1 spouses?


As a complete aside, this whole thing is much sadder with my “Grover is a lonely bachelor with crippling social anxiety” secret narrative running through it.


Uh, integers can be negative or zero. Although a widow/er might be said to have negative spouses. I’m pretty sure the set of natural numbers would be the perfect fit here.


A someone who’s recently cut cable and receives just a few over the air (true 1080p!) channels, this clip has inspired me to definitely start watching Sesame Street… again.


When you state it like this:

It seems like you are giving a definition, that however is not the definition. Not in the dictionary, nor in the law.

I’m no big proponent of marriage, I’m not even sure I will ever get married, but marriage has little to do with ownership anymore. Some people may still exploit marriage that way but hyperbole about the evils of the entire idea of marriage does not help you in making that point.


There real question should be - “Why do governments feel entitled to licence and assign special benefits to marriage at all?”