What is the 2018 World Chess Championship logo really about?


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Check… annnd… Mate.

  1. I love that it looks like it was made on a late 80s Mac with pattern fills.

  2. What is the context of that Betty and Veronica image? Porn spoof? Innocent unless taken out of context?

  3. Mandatory link:


You’d be kicked out of harlequin school for wearing patterns that gaudy.


OMG, Beronica is one of my biggest ships, and I’ve never seen that image. So thanks for that!


I want to play Tantric Chess.



Well, kudos for the Photoshopper getting everything right to make it look like a printed page.


“You’ve seen one crowded, polluted, stinking town logo…”

(I have most of that musical memorized so I’m trying hard not to completely geek out.)


I wouldn’t call the panel “edited” so much as “corrected”.


Can a city that’s been the center of Western Civilization for nearly a millennial be considered “trendy?”

Is that what we’re calling middle-aged people now?


Haha beat me to it


Wait. Are the chess players in the logo fucking? Sorry, I mean, engaging in sexual intercourse?

It’s fucking chess, not actual fucking, people. Make the distinction and you’ll enjoy your life a little bit more maybe?


Are you trying to inform the smartest people in the world about something? Don’t waste your breath. Surely they already know.


[Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei]


They’re not even really playing chess, now are they, with just that one pawn on the board?


Make love, not war.


Um… that Betty and Veronica panel makes me feel funny…