What is the slowest music humanly possible?

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Exception: There’s not much that’s slower than chess, but mid-game, a player might think back on the last dozen moves and think, “He is attacking my king.” That’s a very long perceptual present.


Featured in the video.


St Paul at the End of the World takes 70s pop bands like Boston and slows it down like 300 times. Sounds like lovely choral chants and shoegazer slo mo ambient. Search soundcloud for some examples.

Someone (not me) needs to shove that audio thru The Slow Downer Machine


The band Floor played the slowest set I’ve ever seen/heard at FFF Fest in Austin a few years ago. There were eons between beats. It was rad.

Isn’t this just a matter of semantics? If I write a piece at 10 bpm which is full of 64th notes the listener hears a very fast 640 bpm even though the piece is being played at 10 bpm. If I accent every other 64th note the listener may perceive the tempo at a slower 320 bpm and if I provide an even greater accent for every 4th 64th note then the listener should perceive 160 bpm which still sounds very fast, yet slower than the previous tempo but is actually still being played at 10 bpm.


I started humming 4′33″ really slowly right after Cage’s death.

I’m still going.


TWO Rob Scallon Articles at the same time? Does this guy pay for BB real estate?

Maybe he’s a really nice guy, but his whole schtick really drives me nuts. He throws around the word “metal” like he has a copyright and there’s nothing metal about the music he plays. Its heavy(ish), but its very contemporary, very clean and very simplified. For the record, I don’t believe I get to write the definition of “metal”

Hey! Watch me mug and do a (lame ass) riff with ONE STRING!

Hey! Watch me record shitty, not metal on OLD TIMEY EQUIPMENT! No way, IT SOUNDS even CRAPPIER!?! Who KNEW!?!

Hey! Have you seen my banjo? I know! I’m such a card!



(I know, I’m incorrigible)

SUNN 0))) regularly lays down tracks at 5-10 BPM.

It’s being done, well, far beyond the confined of your imagination, you You Tube hack.



Did you even check the video? No Rob Scallon in sight.

I guess in theory any kind of droning ambient music could be said to have an infinitely small BPM-- is the absence of a beat a beat? It’s like thinking of BPM in terms of “geologic time.”


I F’d up Jimmy. Think I had two screen opened and got confused about who was in what article. That’s probably a manic episode coming on. Shit gets cross pollinated sometimes.

Sorry Rob. I’ll edit.

Oh thanks! Now I’ve got that stuck in my head again!


Thank you, I only read the summary whoops.

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Robert Fripp & Brian Eno: Evening Star - Side B anyone?


I came to ironically complain about how long it took to get to ASLSP.

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Yes indeed, speed up the BPMs and the music starts to “float” into a beatless state. Slow them down and you have something very difficult to play that also “floats.”

Skepticism was the first Metal band I ever heard that made me want to listen to their records over and over again. Glad to see mentions of Bohren and Sunn O)))!

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First thing I thought of when I read the article. Best rainy day/moodily staring music ever.

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Surprised there’s no mention of 9 Beet Stretch. A 24hr non-pitch shifted version of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. I listen to it several times a year as kind of ambient work background with headphones.

The really odd thing about it is if you’re fairly familiar with the piece, you can tell where you are in it if you take your headphones off and put them back on a couple hours later. the different movements and sections have very different instrumentation colors



Barry White.

Yeah, you know what I’m talkin’ bout girl.

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