What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name



Thank you @manybellsdown for source:


You’re going to have to compete with @Ratel from a [few posts up][1]. [1]: What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


By the Shadow of Zarquon, you’re right.

Apologies, @Ratel, I did check but I missed it.


#Brews Wayne and the Baristamobile


Dibs! Trump Kids will be my new wave revival band. We will be the worst!


The Zinc Hinges


@GilbertWham this?

[quote=“writebastard, post:22, topic:84621, full:true”]
Flammable fungus sex lube[/quote]


Yes, but how? I could have done the quote thing, but I couldn’t figure out the linky thing you did.



Sounds like a band Patrick Bateman would murder someone to.


Click the link icon, then either copy that link (desktop you can, mobile you can’t) or hit new topic, and then hack the link out of that.


Easiest way is start the reply and quote in the same topic, then go through search or the menu to find the topic you want to add it to, and then switch to that topic and finish the reply. It will give you a choice of putting it in the current topic or in the original topic you were replying to.

It took me forever to stumble on that!


Question mark required in band name.


#Thatcher’s punk

@Robbo - do you know him?

In truth, Thatcher’s post-Trek accomplishments are extensive: He’s worked for decades with the Jim Henson Company, writing feature films like Muppet Treasure Island, and directing TV movies like Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow (he also earned an Emmy for his writing on the short-lived ’90s series Muppets Tonight). In 2009, he directed the Muppets’ much-beloved, oft-forwarded “Bohemian Rhapsody” video, proving once again that he knows a thing or two about manic characters with spiky orange hair.


#Love for Sale


too bad that Egyptian Lover is already taken



Album name: fun for seconds at a time!


I thought they threw a dummy down in the quarry. #IbelieveyouWINONA


#Imagine Infinite Zizek