What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name



An absurdist band within that genre:

NSA Metadada.


The latest platter from the Weird Lady Forces: Jesus On A Baby.


I love this so damn much.


Vegan metal band:

Hail Seitan


My Olympia-based all-girl post-punk metal band:

Vagenda of Manicide


“Duel Genre Band” is the name of my Uber-hipster Georgian-era-themed alt-folk ensemble.


They’re going to have to be on a bill with with Fruity Esther at some point.


They could have a beef with Koi Kriminals for riding their fins.


“Live Alaskan Bear Cam”

Oh, and “Frightened Cows Returned”, since I’m here. :blush:


Dirt Benoit’s is the name of my grunge-zydeco band.



Thank you @manybellsdown for source:


You’re going to have to compete with @Ratel from a [few posts up][1]. [1]: What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


By the Shadow of Zarquon, you’re right.

Apologies, @Ratel, I did check but I missed it.


#Brews Wayne and the Baristamobile


Dibs! Trump Kids will be my new wave revival band. We will be the worst!


The Zinc Hinges


@GilbertWham this?

[quote=“writebastard, post:22, topic:84621, full:true”]
Flammable fungus sex lube[/quote]


Yes, but how? I could have done the quote thing, but I couldn’t figure out the linky thing you did.