What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


Sounds like a band Patrick Bateman would murder someone to.


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It took me forever to stumble on that!


Question mark required in band name.


#Thatcher’s punk

@Robbo - do you know him?

In truth, Thatcher’s post-Trek accomplishments are extensive: He’s worked for decades with the Jim Henson Company, writing feature films like Muppet Treasure Island, and directing TV movies like Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow (he also earned an Emmy for his writing on the short-lived ’90s series Muppets Tonight). In 2009, he directed the Muppets’ much-beloved, oft-forwarded “Bohemian Rhapsody” video, proving once again that he knows a thing or two about manic characters with spiky orange hair.


#Love for Sale


too bad that Egyptian Lover is already taken



Album name: fun for seconds at a time!


I thought they threw a dummy down in the quarry. #IbelieveyouWINONA


#Imagine Infinite Zizek



Head Lice on the Highway



Band name: Cretin Hop, I always pictured myself in a Ramones cover band. Playing the best 6 minute concerts ever!

Rapper Name: Slee-Z (has that been taken yet?)

Album Name: Something long winded and alt’y

“I Can’t Believe Someone was Crazy Enough to Give Me Studio Time”

[Known colloquially as the “Hockey with Squids” album for its weird cover depicting Cthulhu as a goalie]


Not that I am aware of but GWAR has Sleazy P. Martini


Band name: Squid Hockey
Genre: metal
Album: Goalie Gods

First single: Gordie Howe died for your sins


Continuing the discussion from Disney thought it would be a great idea to sell a full-body brown-skinned Maui costume:

Either solo or enemble.
Ethnic Rap Metal/World Music


Packaged Sigh

Sort of Navel-Gazing Depression Folk.

Debut album MEH? was a minor success, but they could never be bothered with a sophomore follow up


Shrieking Milk Hole is the name of my adult-contemporary angst-metal band. And, coincidentally, that of my 5-week-old son.

Badass Dragon Scavengers of the Void - pregame

Seriously, I’m bustin’ up over here. That needs to be a T-shirt in the infants section.