What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


Seriously, I’m bustin’ up over here. That needs to be a T-shirt in the infants section.




That’s gratifying to hear; it made me giggle, but then I’m working on a month of sleep deprivation.


The Keming Megafucks

(is “typography punk” a music genre?)


[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:86306”]
Lawn Jawas


Band: Bananas of Yesteryear

Album: the South Asian way


Band name

First album


Band: Attractive Nuisance
Album (experimental electronica): Helicopter, Bubble Wrapping


#Malignant Clown


Marmot Head Hitler

“Edgy” Lounge Act they are playing the Airport Hilton every third Saturday of the Month. Come early for the good tables. Two drink minimum.


Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the Mexican techno stylings of Transistor Mariachi!


Ed Cox has you covered there.


Inadvisable Pants
My MC Hammer tribute project.


Band Name, Album Cover


#Japh Infection


album: fish whistle


Band name: Ein Sexmonster
Album: Sexuellen Attacken

(Makes me think of the Rapeman tradition of “hey guys let’s use the most offensive name we can think of”)


The Wrong Lizards: Vote Early, Vote Often!


Band name: Albini
Album: Shove This Up Your Laptop [vinyl-only release]


Ah, that must be the long awaited sequel to The Rich Man’s Eight Track Tape.

I loved that album’s epic liner notes:


Interesting fact: More recently, Albini went on record about how he doesn’t have a problem with digital, even Spotify, for casual listening. He just doesn’t view it as the singularly essential medium for music (which, to his ears, is still analog).