What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


I love it! Band names from real life:

Toilet Legos
Goldfish Funerals
Shithead Academics

and my personal favorite – Librarians in Love (awww …)


made me think of…

Dead People. A new album by Sloppy Records and the Tax Breaks


I like it but not as much as The Goldfish Pallbearers, who don’t exist but should.


Oooo, I like it. Or the punk version: Goldfish Killers.


From @shmello in the hotel chef vegan thread - album or song title:

express their assness


For several decades now, only my almost complete lack of musical talent is the only thing keeping me from forming a bluegrass punk band: A Critical Mass of Cows and eventually releasing our first album Radioactive Beef on the Hoof



Or the rap version, Goldfish Killah.


Or the country version, Goldfysh Skoalfysh

Damn, I think I could do this all day.


Let me be the first to say … that should not stop you.


#Shame the Dice


#Faster Flapjacks

The BBS Cookbook

Swedish Bikini Cops

[quote="Artor, post:417, topic:82368"] Swedish Bikini cops [/quote]

:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

#Syntactic Revenge


Summer of George!


If It Shouldn’t Be There It Gets the Horn


Derek and Clive got back together?



Kudos, @adonai.


Almost an entire genre in itself that.


One of my partners reminded me this week of our imaginary dual genre band. Some weekends, you can find the members of “Roger the Goose” playing nice friendly folk songs appropriate for all ages. They tend to play a lot of children’s festivals, of course. Other weekends, you’ll find them performing as “GooseSodomy” (or possibly “GooSodomy”) a hardcore punk band. Many of the songs are actually the same, albeit with slightly different lyrics, and a lot faster and louder. They do not play at children’s festivals.