Weird lady forces Jesus on a baby


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Birth is the first traumatic experience. Being put on that show is the second.


Soon that baby will even be pooping for Jesus.

(and if the image of Christ appears in a diaper, make sure you save it and show people so it can be revered as a holy icon.)


At least the crazy lady has a cool mustache.


WTF is wrong with her? You don’t start a baby on the grownup Jesus right off the bat! Didn’t she see Talladega Nights?


This is some heavy, heavy Poe. And some baaaaad editing. WTF crazy lady show?


And Mustache Lady said unto us all;


She’s doing it wrong. You really need to squeeze if you wanna fit that bible into their baby heads properly. As it is she’s just keeping these babies in the service of Satan.


#Weird lady forces Jesus on a baby

Upon reading the title, this was the first thing that came to mind; hope it doesn’t offend anyone’s “delicate sensibilities…”


Do you want to hold the Bible?
baby starts crying

I’m not sure what could make this moment any more perfect.


Where’s all the fire and brimstone? When indoctrination is done right, kids should terrified to even think about leaving the religion.


Tell me I’m not the only person seeing this


Or very good editing, since it was clearly done by the “everything is terrible” people to make her look even crazier.


Even the church I was raised in wasn’t that crazy.


Holy shit! :slight_smile:


Took me a long time to shake the fear of hell. When they teach you from birth that this guy who supposedly loves you even more than mom and dad (and who you’re supposed to love more than mom and dad) also built a special place to torture you beyond all human imagination of pain for all of eternity if you stop loving him, it tends to fuck up your brain.


It’s the only way kids will know about Jesus. If not handed down nobody would believe it.


You can’t teach this kind of crazy . . . well, at least not unless you get a really early start at it. (shudder)


It’s the purest form of brainwashing. You teach someone something that’s completely irrational from the day they’re born. You tell them they get the ultimate reward if they believe it, and the ultimate punishment if they don’t. Even against all evidence you can get them to swear by it.

My parents are great people, but this is one thing they did that really messed with my head. I still get irrational thoughts about it.


In the bronze age, this sorta shite was what passed for rational religion.