What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


Don’t think so. There’s still time! Someone do something!


Thinking about starting a Portishead cover band.

Also good for general lawn cleanup and lightweight construction jobs


The Brand


I wanna be the front man for the

Overrated Sellouts

OMG, how did I never notice that’s fucking Meatloaf?



Scottish prog rock band


The Uncredited Don Cheedle?



Hey, white people can move when they want to.

Also, while few will even understand the oblique reference:

Craggy Island Disco

(That was my pub trivia teams name till we changed it to The So Called Quizlamic State)


The Next Great Apocalypse


Sure, it’s just funny to make fun of that stereotype…

The So Called Quizlamic State is a fantastic pub trivia name, BTW…

I always come up with band names, but I never write them down so I always forget.


Heh, you should see me dance (you will never see me dance)




Fruity Esther

In honor of the parent thread though, I’ll submit:

God Floss


Bad Parenting?

A thread to catalog all the other threads

by rapper OtherMicDrop?


Wrecked M and the Nincompoops.




Crunchy Pig Fat and the Half Price Chicken Wraps.


Overzealous Muddler


After discussing how cats have a propensity to vomit and just look you right in the eye as you clean the mess, I realized that I had a new band name on my hands:

Smug Bulimia.