What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


The latest album from vegan anarcho-punk collective Rocket Propelled Zucchinis:

Weapons of Mass Nutrition


The latest concept from Medieval Erection of Parapets.


Song: Creek of Concern
Album: Last Battle of Disco Ridge
Band: The Circuitous Routes


My 80s metal tribute band.


­­[quote=“LearnedCoward, post:12, topic:97785”]
like elves, but not exactly.

[quote=“xkot, post:6, topic:97785”] a fine patina of speculation and mystery


Sorry, which is the band? 'Cause I totally want to buy A Fine Patina of Speculation and Mystery.


I would assume that the first quote was the band name. Imagine getting up in front of a crowd and saying “Yo, we’re Like Elves, But Not Exactly”.


Off to Amazon I go!


“Sup, yo. We’re…” [massive bong rip] “…A Fine Patina …Of Speculation And Mystery”


Band Name: Snowden’s Telomeres
Album: Free as in Freedom

Track 1: Secret Law
Track 2: Considered Harmful
Track 3: a82be0f551b8708bc08eb33cd9ded0cf Wants to be Free
Track 4: Telomere
Track 5: Accidental Tourist
Track 6: Stupid T-shirt
Track 7: Virtual Man
Track 8: Groundhog Day (I Travel the World All Night and Every Morning I Wake Up Here)
Track 9: I Know That Face
Track 10: Not Wittingly
Track 11: That Light’s Been Yellow Way Too Long
Track 12: In the Flesh (Habeus Remix)
Track 13: Free as in Freedom
Surprise Track 99: 300BPS N 8 1


Stumbled into the band name thread late, but we have a local band Rob Ford Explorer.


Wait! Is he dead? Should we start a thread?


This real life band is gonna totes win this thread. Sweet!


Fire Hydrant Factory - 10 Dicked Dog


That was a satisfying one, wasn’t it?





Turnkey Tyranny


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