What it's like to be a reporter under cyberattack

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/09/form-sub-header.html


Humans do seem to have a real talent for weaponising anything.


Meanwhile, the NSA continues to focus its efforts on undermining internet security, instead of shutting down legit threats like this.


Strictly speaking, it would be illegal for the NSA to attempt to police domestic cyberattacks (assuming American companies targeted American journalists); while the NSA has broken those rules in the past, they exist with good reason and I wouldn’t encourage expansion of the NSA jurisdiction.

There’s also a command of the USAF that handles cyberwarfare, but their jurisdiction is limited to defense department cybersecurity, again because of purposeful limits on the scope of military intelligence operations.

This would fall in the FBI’s jurisdiction, and I wholeheartedly agree the FBI should investigate domestic cyberattacks far more than it does.


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