What it's like to be a woman reporter on a cryptocurrency cruise where nearly all the other women are sex-workers


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What it’s like to be a woman reporter on a cryptocurrency cruise where nearly all the other women are sex-workers


I read it in full earlier this morning. Yeah that’s about the right reaction.
The full article is worth the read.


As much respect as I have for her, I’m starting to wonder if Laurie Penny isn’t a bit of a masochist; because that sounds like straight up torture.


Laurie Penny is a saint, hanging out with and listening to maladjusted man-children like these or like Milo and his bunch so we don’t have to.

He’s not a libertarian; he prefers the term “voluntaryist.” “The idea is that all human interaction should be on a voluntary basis or not at all.

Oh, he’s a Libertarian – the kind who thinks that slavery should be legal as long as the enslaved party volunteers. Privileged white guys who talk like that always end up there.


Whoa. An assignment like this warrants combat pay.


Is that a thing?


Fucking hilarious, I highlighted the same sentence to quote…

The naivete is staggering. As though no one has ever thought about personal autonomy and how it relates to power structures… Never-mind that this is one of the fundamental dilemmas of the enlightenment and the concept of “liberty” itself. It’s like this idiot has never read any philosophy… Or he probably voluntarily chose to skip that class.


For a certain small subset of capital-L Libertarians who talk this way, I’m afraid so. And not in the fun BDSM way.

Libertarians have debated and discussed whether voluntary slavery would be allowed in a libertarian society for some time now. It comes down to a simple question:

“Can a person sell their body to another person?”

Despite its seeming simplicity, the question has caused quite a bit of disagreement among libertarians.


I remember some fail-troll here was trying to argue in favor of “voluntary slavery” not too long ago. His ‘arguments’ were mind-numbingly ludicrous.


That would be this person:

We had a lot of fun with him. The moment he talked about his “libertarian streak” I knew exactly where he was going.

It’s an instant tell, isn’t it? A self-described Libertarian who starts talking about this is, guaranteed, a privileged but undersexed white male with some truly messed-up views about women.


I bet there were a lot of confusing conversations about “exchange rates.”


Indeed, that was the one I was thinking of, though we had a pretty intensive conversation about the same subject in this post:


To the true libertarian everything is slavery. Except slavery which is totally ok cause it’s voluntary.


they paid teen sex workers from Ukraine to ship out with them.

Yuck factor is off the scales.


The squick is STRONG with those ones…


"The women on this boat are polished and perfect; the men, by contrast, seem strangely cured - not like medicine, but like meat. They are almost all white, between the ages of 30 and 50, and are trying very hard to have the good time they paid thousands for, while remaining professional in a scene where many thought leaders have murky pasts, a tendency to talk like YouTube conspiracy preachers, and/or the habit of appearing in magazines naked and covered in strawberries. "



One of the ways men bond is by demonstrating collective power over women. This is why business deals are still done in strip clubs, even in Silicon Valley, and why tech conferences are famous for their “booth babes.” It creates an atmosphere of complicity and privilege. It makes rich men partners in crime. This is useful if you plan to get ethically imaginative with your investments. Hence the half-naked models, who are all working a lot harder than any of the guys in shirtsleeves.


These are precisely the folks my Dear Wife and I have learned, the hard way, to avoid when we visit our place in Joshua Tree. Seemingly they are behind every cacti up there…


I will only say one thing: I am ready to bet that the only persons who made a profit during that cruise were these Ukrainian women. Just think about it.


Creepers are creepy; no matter what ‘packaging’ they may come in.

Want a patchouli burger?