What it's like to be a woman reporter on a cryptocurrency cruise where nearly all the other women are sex-workers


Oh, that put me off my afternoon tea.



offtopic but it is my head and I must share…

Why to hippies wear patchouli?
So blind people can hate them too.


Indeed, I hate that noxious-smelling shit.


“There are standing tubs of hand sanitizer in every flat surface—norovirus being the Ragnarok of the cruise industry—and yet it is impossible to feel uncontaminated.”

Pro-tip: Hand sanitizer does not kill norovirus.


My favorite quote from the article:

John McAfee has never been convicted of rape and murder, but—crucially—not in the same way that you or I have never been convicted of rape or murder.


AKA AnCap.


i think this may be the greatest difference in opinion between the two of us since i first noticed how often i was “liking” your comments. i do dearly love the scent of patchouli but it has to be high quality and aged for at least 2-3 years. it also must be worn sparingly, in excess it can be redolent of rottenness.

when i wear it, i typically mix 3-5 drops of patchouli with 1 drop of orange oil in 1 ml of 91% isopropyl alcohol and then lightly apply the resulting mixture.


You just nailed the crux of the problem, right there.

Too many folks don’t seem to grok “LESS is more,” or “everything in moderation.”


I just read the article, and it actually sounds like the tortuous part was that it was mostly very boring. There were even some of the crypto-currency nerds angry and offended that the organizers imported a bunch of quasi-prostitutes-- “Fuck this, this is disgusting! We just want to talk about crypto!” – it seems like the cruise was more of a tedious business seminar run by hucksters and populated by clueless awkward man-babies, and the imported female “hostesses” were mostly bored too.


Being bored to death by newly rich, socially awkward techbros who only see women as mere objects counts as actual torture in my book.


I’m sure they’ld all be crying for the gubmint to save them if that cruise ship started sinking.

Of course the Coast Guard should refuse. They didn’t opt-in - and every libertarian knows that you can’t buy heath insurance when you get sick.


I remember her mentioning something about this, just after she signed up to go on it. Something like, “Why the hell did I do that?” But between this and the time she spent with Milo, I do think there’s at least a bit of a masochistic streak in her…

Oh yeah. See: The “Principality of Sealand,” fire at.




Laurie Penny is a treasure.


There’s something about the cruise organizers…


Funny, my daughter has an assignment this week to write a “Modest Proposal” type essay, and asked us to help with ideas. I proposed solving the immigrant problem by bringing back voluntary indentured servitude. We discussed it while visiting my 85 year old mother Sunday, and the satire aspect went right past her, she thought it was a great idea! We probably should not have laughed so hard.


phew. we wouldn’t want any sympathy or forgiveness, those are horrible traits that only the worst people have and certainly not two of the cornerstones to being a decent human being. \s :thinking:

(i’m sure penny has plenty of both…)


Sympathy and forgiveness are earned; the former with an honest explanation for the bad behaviour, the latter with a sincere apology. Penny’s subjects are still reveling in their awfulness.

They do deserve empathy, even if they themselves have little of it to spare for others.


Serious answer: it hides the smell of weed. Without a single instance of being wrong I’ve been able to peg the ‘smokes all day’ potheads by use of patchouli as a cologne/perfume.