What it's like to live in a 300-year-old farmhouse in New York City


What’s it like?

Fer starters, EVERY GO TSAO DE TIME YOU HAVE TO USE THE BATHROOM! even at three in the morning, you have to be wearing proper clothes.

Er… what?

creepy cellar full of almost four centuries of artifacts.

Didn’t we see this in Cabin in the Woods? I wonder what the sugar bowl does?

That’s what chamber pots are for mate.
(My mum grew up in a house with an outside loo, in the centre of Gloucester only 50 years ago)

Isn’t that what the wooden shoes are?

The hyphen in the houses’ name is in the wrong place. It should be “Vander Ende - Onderdonk”. (“vander” on its own does not make sense as a Dutch surname but it is a fairly common prefix)

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