What it's like to live in Antarctica's Union Glacier Camp

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You probably shouldn’t though.


Well I was about to post how absolutely delightful that video was - Sort of a combination of space colony ingenuity and self-sufficiency (except for the food deliveries) and outdoor science-ish expedition, and how seeing these people live and work together started to restore a bit of faith in my fellow man…

But now I’m back to befuddled and conflicted and how we’re undeserving of nice things. Whiskey time may be coming earlier than usual today. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oddly, what struck me the most from that video is that they could set the tents up in any configuration they wanted, and they chose the absolute most boring grid pattern.


This reminds me of Burning Man, much more so than the South Pole does. Except they didn’t make the city in a circle! Also, the shop apparently doesn’t sell booze.

I got to see some of those Twin Otters and Basler DC-3s land at the South Pole, which has a separate tourist ghetto set up for them. Living in a tent at the Pole is a bit rougher than on a glacier, due to the 9300 ft elevation.

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Helps if you need to find your way at zero visibility, I guess.

You worked at the south pole? Taking advantage of the low humidity for radio astronomy experiments? Marcus Chown’s book “Afterglow of Creation” had a brief description of the cosmic background radiation experiments done in Antarctica for that reason.

Or did I misread your post?

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