What Japanese frozen meals are like

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I’ve eaten many of the food items that he had spread out on the table and do I think that Japanese frozen foods taste better than competitive American frozen foods. The Japanese packaging can seem excessive but it is user-friendly (with obviously marked places to tear open pouches, etc.) and it does seem to improve the food taste and enhance the flavors (IE: in frozen natto containers, the mustard is held separate from the soy sauce in packets to be added when the natto is defrosted). Frozen gyoza is almost as good as freshly prepared gyoza, imho, and I rarely have the time to make gyoza from scratch.


Very colorfully cool buttons on that microwave.

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Even convenience store sandwiches are better than they have any right to be.

I really cannot think of anything that was mediocre I have eaten in Japan.

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As transplanted Brits now living in Japan, I want more things like this. I need more things like this… The supermarkets here are such a confusion for us, which is not helped by having to manage a rampaging toddler every time we go.


They are quite cold until you heat them.

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It has been a long time since I’ve eaten frozen gyoza but there’s just no way they are going to test as good as fresh off the grill.

What a load of excessive plastic packaging, one-person-portions and single use sauce containers!

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