What next, the harrowing story of Stripe the Gremlin's tragic childhood?


And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover,
To entertain these fair well-spoken days,
I am determined to prove a villain


We have to humanize our cartoon evil. We sure as hell won’t do it to real evil to, you know, try and figure it out. Trying to solve real life problems is hard. It’s easier to keep them black & white.

Easier to paint fake villains as human than real ones.

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What? Have you even watched Hannibal? He is pretty much the opposite of the woobification trope.


Who said anything about woobie? It’s not the the same trope – not even on TV Tropes!

From what I remember of the novelization of Gremlins the story of Stripe’s tragic childhood would be more interesting, and make more sense, than the origin of the Mogwai. Scientists on a distant planet engineered a creature that could survive in a wide range of environments and reproduce quickly.

Things went wrong, of course, but why they felt compelled to make cockroaches bipedal and furry was never really explained.

Thank you for not providing a clickable link to TV Tropes there - I actually have things to do today!


I can’t even see the other words!

Alternative tagline: HE HAD A HUNCH THEY WERE WRONG.


My grandfather used to say that instead of concentrating on the children who grow up in bad circumstances and end up becoming criminals or drug addicts, we should spend our time studying the majority who grow up that way but become decent, law-abiding citizens anyway.

That’s the real story, and the one we can learn the most from.

Oh man, that’s so much better!

A lot of storytellers have toyed with that idea; the contrast is part of what makes for dramatic interest. For example, most superhero origin stories could just as easily be supervillain origin stories. Sometimes a childhood tragedy or newfound powers will inspire a character to become Spider Man, other times they’ll end up becoming Magneto.

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