What Sort of Man Reads Playboy? Ads to entice advertisers


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Sort of man who buys magazines at garage sales?


Wait, people read Playboy?


Is it normal for those ads to stay “in character”?


As of June 2106, worldwide circulation was just 800,000.

The year 2106 looks dried up with printed media.

  1. The sort who wants to sell stuff to the sort of man who reads Playboy.
  2. The sort who wants to know what stuff to buy to be the sort of man who reads Playboy.


“I don’t always drink wine, but I don’t get laughed at or weird looks when I do.”


What sort of man reads BoingBoing?

The sort of man who enjoys an adventurous lifestyle. Whether being strapped to a rocket, shot out of a cannon, or dropped under an anvil, today’s BoingBoing reader he sets the pace wherever he goes. Fact: over 98% of BoingBoing readers are virtuoso musicians and enjoy superior dental hygiene. Selling ACME products? BoingBoing is the way to go!


I forget who first pointed this out, but it’s interesting to note that the two most prominent “sex” magazines, Playboy and Penthouse, both have titles that allude to money, not sex.

Americans are weird like that. . .


Well, surprisingly enough, they used to. It was the fastest way to get the next Ian Fleming story back in the day (which was guaranteed to get my father to buy an issue). In fact, they had a fairly stellar stable of writers, Fleming being one of the least of the lot.


I like the fact that you could almost hear the admiring girl in the background of all the pictures thinking “who the f*** was that guy?”


Four or more foreign trips in the past 5 years?

@ActuallyARegular, Playboy.


If you try imagining that the lovely ladies are crop dusting, it really changes the import of their expressions.


I have a years worth in great shape given to me at my bachalors party if there are any collectors out there. I would let them go cheap. IIRC China is in one of them (the wrestler, not the country).


That makes me think about what I used to think were the intent of those ads. I thought they were meant to assuage readers’ concerns. “You know what kind of guys like to look at naked women? Smart, sophisticated types. Remember that when your mom finds a copy under your mattress and freaks out.”


I notice in most of the images of Women back then [the ole century] they didn’t own a razor for the the nether regions.

Maybe that will come back in style? I hope…


I can smell the cologne coming from my phone screen.


Plus Jack Kerouac, Margaret Atwood, Norman Mailer, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Roald Dahl, Joseph Heller, Shel Silverstien…

Interviews with Miles Davis, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Timothy Leary, Ayn Rand, Bill Gates, Jon Stewart, Stephen Hawking…

Personally, I’m surprised anyone bought it for the pictures- Especially when there were so many other magazines that, well, gave you a lot more bang for your buck in the nudity department.


For the articles, in my tree fort, at 14.


I first read Vonnegut there, I remember being about 10 or 11 years old and having my mind blown by “Welcome To The Monkey House.” Wasn’t all that interested in the pictorial content at that point.