Gallery of vintage swingers personal advertisments


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(BBS making me type more.)


Those are better ads than Craigslist I will give them that.


I’m pretty sure that swinging executive in southern Indiana is trying to pass a manikin off as his wife…





I dated a girl like this once. It did not end well.


All the lonely people…


I wonder if any of these are still “in the market” alive?


I hope he learns to close his eyes, or he’s going to have trouble hitting the mark.


It seems safe to assume that men who advertised typically received responses along those lines.


We found this type of magazine among the copies of Penthouse and Genesis in a stash of field porn.
Key takeaway: “Stub!”

(Sheesh, my son is a year older than I was then…)


These guys ROCK!

Somewhere out there: “Mom?! Dad!?, … MOM!, DAD!”



How does having a confidant do anything for her homelessness? Are these code words?


This is so my new Boingboing photo and description.


It was a more romantic age.


To quote Crow T Robot —

“Looking at these guys I’m amazed anyone has sex.”



Discreet, this one is…


What does “Area.” mean in the first advertisement? I assume its an Americanism because The Onion does it as well. Don’t most people live in areas? Unless you are in space where you would live in a volume, I suppose.