What techniques did Bill Watterson use to make Calvin and Hobbes a masterpiece?

Same. It goes to illustrate how complex people can be. From Dilbert I’d assumed that Adams was a dude of the “good” people, but wow was that off the mark.


I managed to separate Adams from his art until the Dilbert comics became openly transphobic.

I think he may have been once. Certainly, in his first book, The Dilbert Principle, he came across as sensible and humane, iirc. But while much of his second, The Dilbert Future, was the same, the final chapter was … odd. Not bigoted, but a non sequitur of a chapter exploring theories and speculations that could be described as fringe at best. E.g.: what if there were actually no such thing as gravity, but it just seemed like there were because everything was constantly getting larger, reducing the space between objects?


If we take the time to go through the strips at gocomics.com or arcamax.com I think we can each find something to admire



Your description here and following fits with my tentative hunch (based on less information than yours) that success and celebrity went to his head. Weak character or psychological vulnerability. Or some of both. Sounds like a psychotic break.

Or alternatively he’s always been an asshole nut job but just kept it in the closet until he was secure enough to come out. After all he is a trained hypnotist genius. :face_vomiting:


I think this has happened to a lot of people in the past decade. My dad was always an intelligent, reasonable guy. Conservative, sure, but fairly well-reasoned in his opinions. He came from a very racist family though, so he was always sorta on that edge.

Then social media, Trump, and the recent rebirth of fascism world-wide happened. My dad has fallen down all the rabbit holes as a result. People like my dad were vulnerable to radicalization and I consider him a victim of all this in some sense. Not entirely though- he’s a grown man with the resources to know better and make his own decisions. However he was always fragile about this stuff and he has been exploited by right wing media and Zuck’s evil algorithms.

Adams, I don’t cut so much slack. That’s a man with every advantage and every resource at his disposal. He’s choosing to be human garbage beyond any pale and I don’t have any patience for that.


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That sucks. I’m sorry.


I think this was the case with Adams. Former Guy made it okay for all those monsters to start saying the quiet parts loud again. He unwound decades of progress we’d made in training people to, if not grow a little, at least keep those shitty beliefs to themselves. The problem is that the beliefs then grow and deepen, once people feel liberated to indulge in them. It’s meme cancer, basically.


You just made a nutshell commentary on our times. LOTS of reasons have been growing for generations to make people vulnerable to radicalization. The whole constellation of dysfunctions surrounding wealth concentration and everything that results from it, and everything that enables it is a very large part. “Future Shock” from the acceleration of change in all realms is another. And it’s coming toward a singularity point with the ability to exploit people at automated/AI scale and speed.

But as you say “he’s a grown man with the resources to know better”. Aren’t we all . . . :smiling_face_with_tear:

Doctorow’s “Radicalized” collection of novellas speaks a lot to this.


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