What the Democratic Party did to alienate poor white Americans

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They don’t want poor, god-fearin’ white people to all be billionaires!


This sounds like it could be describing the UK Labour party in many ways.

While the specifics are different, the Blair era was all about courting the middle-class suburbanites (people like me), and in the process they left the working classes behind. Then populists like the BNP, UKIP, and more unashamed sections of the Conservatives started focusing on similar dog-whistle issues like immigration, using it as useful boogey-man for all the working classes ills.


I think religion is also factor, or more specifically people who have been raised to believe that their specific breed of Christianity should dominate and anybody who believes in anything else is not to be trusted or respected.

It’s awful and it’s borderline evil, but when you get down to it the more somebody is part of conservative religion where that attitude is the norm the more anything-that-conflicts with them (gay marriage, teaching sex ed or evolution, etc.) distances them from the democratic party.

Then when you factor in the horrible people like Pat Robertson who use their platform to blame all the wrongs of society on everybody who thinks differently and the conservative-Republican connection and it’s kind of predictable, isn’t it?


Well, hyperinflation is no fun…


You take that back you godless devil! I’ll vote for hyperinflation and I’ll enjoy it! Gerdemnit!


I think this is happening on all the left wing parties in Europe. Abrer the fall of the Berlin wall they tried to follow the “winning” conservative parties, adopting conservative stance with the idea that was useful to catch bot the left wing voters and the more moderate one. In some cases this process has gone as far to make a coalition with conservative parties, like in Germany or a merge of the left wing party with the right wing party like in Italy, leavin outside the party the more extreme fringes. Fringes that as one can see in Italy, France, Spain and Greece could become quite big.
Due the electoral system in USA, I think that more left wing and right wing fringe parties can’t emerge easily, but I subbose that citizens will vote happily an alternative if present and capable of win.


Ad for Bernie, give a look-see.


Figures an economist would say it’s all about economics but I’m not buying it. It’s not as if Republicans are taking a stand for higher wages and strong unions. My money’s still on the dog whistles.


Cute images and a nice song, but not sure how it ads the the discussion. You could CGI any candidate in there, as they’d love to be in that ad.


They may as well be.

It must be easy to ruin your day[s].

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Well I think when @doctorow called them “disaffected” voters that was the point.

If none of the parties are doing anything for you economically then you’ll judge them purely on the social issues. The right is blaming someone else for your economic woes (China, immigration etc), absolving themselves of blame.

That’s what’s happening with the whole immigration issue. The working classes are seeing their quality of life (at best) stagnate in absolute terms, and decrease relative to the wealthy. They want someone to blame, and the politicians are lining up “the other” as suitable targets for their ire. If their quality of life were noticeably improving for the majority I don’t believe the immigration issue would be anywhere near as high up their agenda, people wouldn’t care, it’s easy to be generous when you have plenty.


Yeah, just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s the reason. We’re talking about a lot of low-information voters, after all. If you were to ask my Republican relatives how they characterized the Democratic party, they’d say the party was about “big government” creating rules to hurt the little guy and giving their hard-earned tax dollars to lazy African-Americans on welfare. (I know this because I hear them say it…) They’re not union supporters, either, like many working-class Americans these days* - though I’m sure they’d see the Democrats as being so. (Ironically, of course, they’ve benefitted hugely from both welfare programs and unions.) They see the Republican party as working in their economic interests though that lack of regulations and by not increasing taxes (on the wealthy, granted, but… low information).

*Though this raises the question of how much the decline in popular support for unions is due to both parties kowtowing to corporate interests.


I think both parties continue to disrespect the people and the people will just keep switching governments until someone gets it right or ends democracy once and for all.

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Cool story. Completely contradicted by decades of social and political science research showing racial resentment and not economic insecurity drove this change though. You know, which is why it didn’t happen with poor Black, Native, Hispanic, or Asian people.


Mondeo Man!

I think you overestimate how many of his opponents would appear in ads for him.

Maybe three or four though.

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I guess I misread your statement of “give a look-see”, as I assumed it was going to be “This is an ad that shows Bernie’s take on how to fix poor white America,” per the discussion, but instead you were just saying “Have you considered voting for Bernie?” i.e. your post was just

rather than something specific about that specific ad.

(Edit: and in case I come off as wrong, I already donate monthly to Bernie. That wasn’t my issue)

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