Is the GOP broken beyond repair?

The NY Times is reporting that GOP party leaders fear the party is permanently split on class lines.

“The Republican Party has never done anything for the working man like me, even though we’ve voted Republican for years,” said Leo Martin, a 62-year-old machinist from Newport, N.H., who attended Mr. Trump’s Claremont rally. “This election is the first in my life where we can change what it means to be a Republican.”

Does the article beg the question whether the modern GOP ever offered anything to working voters but racist pandering, homophobia and sexism? Why did the split take so long?


Surprise, motherfuckah! The Democrats (for what they’re worth) have been the only party friendly to labor and unions all along. I guess you forgot when you decided to vote on racial lines.


Where did they get the idea that nativism and isolationism was a path to prosperity for working people? The Dixiecrats are the demographic hot potato of the past two hundred or so years.


How else are they going to keep non-whites and immigrants subservient to the white man?


It’s like being in a political party with someone’s alcoholic, abusive stepdad. 1,000s of 'em. So embarrassing. And scary. Please, please don’t let them come back to the Dem party …

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It started long ago with the defeat of Goldwater and the rumor of saying ‘fuck the black vote’ about the results.
They have been courting the John Birch wing of America ever since. They have been gerrymandering safe districts and playing the long game unfortunately this has come to bite them with the rise of Tea Party types winning over more moderate and sane (still evil but at least an evil that I can understand and deal with) with the more rabid sorts of candidates. And now they have tRump leading in the polls and duh it is splitting the party. Have they not been paying attention since the before The Shrub?


#Is the GOP broken beyond repair?

So … Dems can has House of Reps now?


Too bad the Dems aren’t really anyone’s friends either.

Next article should be “Are the Dems broken beyond repair?”


Sadly see what I said about gerrymandered districts. The totally safe we can always get in districts are what gave rise to the nutcase wing actually getting elected.
Hopefully the recent purely population/algorithm based borders in Florida will stand up in courts (they have so far) and catch up elsewhere.


… link?

How so?

They weren’t generally doing their best with what the Reagan Coalition threw at them?

Anyone who thinks the Democrats are progressive or friends of labor hasn’t been watching the last 40 years very closely.

They’re a bought and sold party of corporate business. The Clintons (both of them) are solid examples of the move to the right by the Dems over the decades to cater to business and business as usual.


just my previous comment. part of their long game was gerrymandering safe districts… that will need to be undone and that will take time. i got no links at hand right now and my bourbon and Says You are more interesting right now.


With the complicity of their adversary party as well.


Understood and agreed. Though I partly wonder (esp. after Makers Mark) if an antimatter universe Southern Strategy might deliver the younger generation evangelical “independent” Stephen Colbert fans and non-idle-wealthy libertarians to light and reason.

I’ve not personally scrutinized the playing field yet. Though I would predict Sanders, should he become the Democratic nominee, to have longer coat-tails than Clinton.


True and despite blue sky assurances by our dear digital friend @Cowicide, the DSA must move to a local issues strategy generally (not just GOTV) so humane social institutions can become a matter of when not if.


Rename the Republicans as Plutocrats because that what they all are now.


Out of likes. Yes, except I opt for Butthead Plutocrat … Double Buttheads.

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Yes. Still better policies than the GOP fascists. But sadly, yes.

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