What the Moon would look like if it were the same distance from Earth as the International Space Station


That’s also what the International Space Station would look like if it were the size, shape and texture of the moon.



Truly horrifying. Especially the eclipse - I could hear the creepers spawning.


That’s not a space station, it’s a moon!


The Moon would eventually (quickly?) be distorted & disintegrated by being inside the Roche limit.

A bonus would be a ring system around Earth.


I also don’t see the mile high tidal waves.


What the space-station-moon would like like if I photographed it:


Answer: it would look fucking awesome.


Dammit Moon Moon!


The moon is about 3400Km in diameter, so it would be a lot closer to the earth than it’s own diameter.

If it were still tidally locked (and magically not disintegrating) I imagine there would be more of an “it’s rolling over us” feel than in that video, where the same face was always pointing at the camera rather than straight down…

And it’d be even better if it somehow retained full brightness…just imagine a full moon of that magnitude. You’d need welding goggles just to go outside.

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Sunglasses anyway. It wouldn’t be brighter than the sun itself, unless it were some concave dish-shape, right?

Hmm. Well, with so much of the sky filled with it, it would be awfully bright.

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Just logged in to say that was AWESOME! Thanks Mark :slight_smile:

And that video fills me with a healthy dose of both phobos and deimos.

I remember too well what eventually happened to Chewbacca.

There’s a big spoiler there for those who know no end to the mighty Wookiee.

Wouldn’t it be shielded by the Earth most of the time? I suppose that the Earth would experience several daily eclipses as well…

All hail Moon!
Light Go! Where is Light?
Sacrifice a virgin!
Give us light!
Oy, Light is back! Yay!
All hail Moon!

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Let’s play “spot the imgurian” :slight_smile:

well, someone’s been reading xkcd :wink:

Actually not really. I think the moon just appears bright because your eyes are sensitized to night. I believe the full moon is about 1/25,000th the brightness of daylight. The moon at 420km would take up ~40% of the sky, which is ~7000x larger than its normal size. So even assuming every part of the larger moon was equally radiant, you’re still only talking about a quarter the brightness of daylight, and much less concentrated in the sky…

It’d be nice to be able to read comfortably by moonlight, but if it moved that rapidly across the sky it would be awfully distracting.

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