What the rest of the world doesn't know about Chinese AI

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One point 5 from post, and I realize this is one person and not necessarily representative but coincidentally I was chatting to QA dude sits behind me. She’s Chinese, and I was asking about surveillance etc and was it one of reasons for being here (in Bay Area). She said No, and her brother came over couple years ago to ‘check out place’ and didn’t like it at all. He was more set in his ways and didn’t like the chaos, and less respect people seem to have and she specifically, when asked about surveillance stuff, said “he didn’t care about that, most people don’t and just get on with it”.

I’m not disputing the article, just funny that I had that conversation in my head when reading it!

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i suspect most americans feel the same way about nsa phone metadata, police tracking license plates, cameras on the streets, isps, facebook, and advertisers tracking your web traffic, and the like.

it might, if you pushed somebody about it, kind of raise a skeevy feeling, but most people just get on with it.

until it affects them or a loved one, but by then it’s too late.


Do we have anything like that?

China just installed full body scanner just to take the subway in Shanghai.
The screen is copied to 2 operators and both can see the result in front of their screen as well of any passenger. There is 0 privacy whatsoever. No idea where this will end.

Wondering why China developing so fast? cause they don’t care about this, same with environment , history, sustainability…

Just do it and see how to fix it later IF there is someone complaining
(but as it’s under a dictatorship which own every single piece of information, it’s quite unlikely)

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