What UK Labour members need to do to preserve their right to vote for party leader

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OR, join a trade union and become an affiliate member. Your union dues will do you more good in the long run than bunging 25 quid to the people who are trying to fuck you over.


Except that they’re now looking to pull the same trick with union members:


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It sounds like the People’s Momentum movement turned into a party might be a better home for those who support traditional Labour Party values than the Labour Party itself. It’s become clear that the New Labour establishment has no place for any member who doesn’t accept neoliberal-lite economic policies and foreign wars of choice.


Fuck me, I got an email from Momentum this morning saying I was fine as an affiliate member. These fuckers want burning at the stake, never mind deselecting.


Well the Nu-Lab tossers can piss off and form their own party then. Don’t see why they get to usurp a century of organisation, the smarmy Bastards.


Agreed, but we both know that won’t happen with that lot. The question is: can the members with traditional Labour values put them back in place when faced with the Blairite establishment’s sleazy and undemocratic machinations? If not, if the system is rigged like this, a Momentum Party (or the threat of it) might be the only alternative.

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the past few weeks have been educational

You Brits really know your corruption!


Handy hint if you’re a long-standing union member but have only recently chosen to join the Labour Party:
I’ve been a member of T&G / Unite for 10 years now, but only joined the Labour Party on the 29th of June.
I called Unite, and they directed me to https://www.unitetheunion.org/campaigning/unitepolitics/your-party-your-voice/
This guarantees I get a vote, so if you’re in the same position as me, follow that link!

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I’ve just had confirmation through that I can vote, and I was one of the ‘three quidders’ last year, so presumably the rest of us who did that at the time are as well. How, exactly, do they think the outcome is going to be any different? They might have been better off hoping the people who’ve joined this year were on their side. Wankers.


Fuck me ragged. Oh, there needs to be some heads rolling here like.

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